Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coupon Monday and a Weekend Recap!

So our pour yard has been so neglected. It doesn't help that it has only rained once this entire month. EVERYTHING has died, and I pretty much didn't have it in me to stand out and water the plants every day while the mosquito's eat me alive. But one thing is for sure....Fall is here in South Alabama!! HURRAY! One sign of it are the bales and bales of pine straw that rain from the trees in the front yard. So after a yummy Saturday breakfast {that the girls prepared mostly on their own! Another Hurray!}, we headed out to the yard for some good ol' fashion Saturday morning work day!


You know the kind, the ones where you remember that if you wanted to have any kid time it was getting up and turning on the Saturday morning cartoons at 7am before daddy woke up to get you to work!


While the big girls raked the front with their daddy, I heard a noise from the back of the house.....


I found this little girl. And apparently her Daddy had given her free for all on the blower.....

liz blowing off patio


Sporting her dad's cap! He is her hero no doubt! Little does she know, she is one of mine. Her free little spirit, ball of energy and joyful heart and NEVER has a frown on is inspiration to me!
When Tim arrives back from a trip she is never far from his side.....

tim working

I might have mentioned that my husband is quite the handy man! In addition to MANY projects around our old 1940's home, he has made most of the displays in our shop and you may have remembered the Tree House ..... Well he did some touch ups to the swing set he made the girls a few years ago, including new swings....

liz on swing

Have you ever been here! It is one of my favorite places to spend my "free" time!! I snuck away from the duties at the home front to fill my mind with wonderful inspiration of fall decorating!

There are two things that I bring out on October 1st know matter how warm it may be..... PUMPKINS and BOOTS! I can't wait to decorate with mini pumpkins! Remember the table?

We set it up for the company we would have over after church on Sunday.....


When the sun set and the kiddos hit the pillow, this made a nice environment for the wine and fresh Wisconsin cheese Tim brought back to be enjoyed by two people whom really missed each other....

patio night

Here's a Coupon Monday for you all.......good night!

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