Saturday, October 9, 2010


We are approaching our beloved Fall Break! I know I have told you a million times how much I LOVE the fall!! Oh, I do!!!!

I love to sit in my kitchen and enjoy the sun shining in my windows....


It just seems to shine differently in the Fall, and it is so comforting to me!

The only down fall to our Fall hear in the South is that I see to many people rush it! You know what I mean, the ones that put the Christmas Decorations out November 1st. Shame on you!!!
Pumpkins are on our porch until the Christmas Tree goes up on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

It's hard for me and other's I'm sure, considering I get cute little things like this.......


reindeer 2

that gets us in the Christmas mood up here at the shop when we receive Christmas in September!

This little Reindeer is almost sold out! What a cutie he is!!! Stop by to see our other precious Christmas items! See you soon!


Shelby said...

LOVE your breakfast area!!

Jennifer said...

Ok....decided the boot would be a little small and I am betting this reindeer only would be too but I have to ask....he is precious! You really need Luigi...right up to a 6!! LOVE THIS!

Your kitchen is also gorgeous! That is one thing I love about our new house in Bham. The b'fast area is sunny and like you are sitting in the the way it looks out over the backyard! I love fall too!

Bellamia said...

Thanks Gals! To Jennifer: I know it is a sad sad day when my little boys out grow me!! All the bigger sizes in Luigi Reindeer is sold out. Only little sizes left. I am considering taking Luigi higher in sizes though. I'll let you know! Hope you are doing well! I bet b'ham is beautiful this time of year!

Jennifer said...

Oh, please do! I love their shirts and I am a sure sale if you will let me know when you get something. The trees are so beautiful right now in the mtns =) Thanks!

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