Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hello out there! Sorry I have been M.I.A the last few days! Our days have been very full! I am not the only one that has been M.I.A......

dad and liz

Daddy's home! Tim has only been home only 2 days this whole September/October and he's back for awhile and we couldn't be happier!

daddy and girls

He drove in last night, and so on every one's request a big hot family breakfast around the table this morning! I have SOOOOOO needed to go to the gym since I have hardly gone this entire month and I feel gravity at work......



but with the smell of bacon cooking, freshly brewed coffee, fried apples baking and fresh doughnuts from a local bakery filling our air in the kitchen and little girls in mommy's aprons {another collection of mine! Love a cute apron!} anxiously awaiting completing this breakfast; I think the relaxed morning at home with our completed family is way more important then the dimples that will be created on certain locations of my body from the 3 doughnuts I so want to devour!

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!


mary katharine said...

Yeah! Glad he's home:). And girl EAT THOSE DONUTS!!! I'd join you if I were there and wouldn't think twice about it!! Calories don't really count when it's for a good cause, right??

Hope he's home for a while!

Life in the UK said...

I can't get over how much your girls look just like you!! They are SO Beautiful Katie!!

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