Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ever feel like you need a Vacation from your Vacation!!! Let's just say, I've been a little surprised with things like "Oh, that was THIS week", and "I forgot I had that appt. this week." and "WHAT, you have a field trip this week!" and "Mom, what are we having for lunch tomorrow, we left our Thermos's at Mimi's!", those kind of surprises! When you have been gone 12 days sometimes you forget that time still goes on in you life around you and it didn't stay put on the day you left!

Some happy surprises I came back to are the following!!! Enjoy!



Caramelo Tees1


Christmas Caramelo

V. Christmas1


Hurry in!!! Christmas apparel is Flying out!!! New Kissy Kissy Christmas arrived yesterday!

I promise, I am working on an Ireland post!! I have much to catch up on the home front first! Just to get you excited about it and make you laugh, check out this picture......


When the girls opened their gifts from us, Elizabeth put this on and said "Okay, I'm ready to go to Publix!"..... think she made a statement!

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Jennifer said...

I bet Elizabeth was the cutest one at Publix! So....should I ask if you have that cute airplane shirt???? I will be in town on Monday and hope to come by but I'm sure if I wait til then it will be gone!

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